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Does Dog Food Matter?

Does the food I feed my dog make a difference?

Training your dog requires a holistic approach. That means, besides ensuring routine and consistency with their training, what and how they eat is also important. Please note that we aren’t vets. You need to do your own research, which should include speaking with your vet. But here are a few hints that we believe are important when it comes to feeding time for your pooch.

The importance of a good diet... Dogs can, and do, eat food that they shouldn’t. But our own dogs aren’t in the position of needing to survive on scraps. Therefore, it’s up to us to ensure they eat a healthy diet. This includes lots of fresh, raw food. Human-grade meat is best, as some pet products contain preservatives that can actually be bad for your dog. And just like with us, veggies are also important! Moreover, when selecting kibble, make sure to go for a high-quality product.

Healthy snacks

Most processed treats are packed with fillers, sugar, and/or salt. And are not good for dogs. There are lots of healthy alternatives though, which you can probably find already in your pantry. These include 100% peanut butter, apple, and carrots. But remember to use moderation, as some of these are high in fat or sugar. Dehydrated meats and liver are great snacks. Be careful when adding supplements as many human vitamins can be toxic if consumed in high doses. There are also foods that are dangerous to your dogs like chocolate, avocado and onion. Again, do your research and talk to your vet.

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