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How should I feed my dog?

Does it matter HOW and WHEN I feed my Dog?

We’ve been taught to feed our furry canine friends in a bowl. But it might surprise you to learn that it isn’t actually the best option. Rather scatter feeding is better. Scatter feeding means exactly what it says. It is scattering kibble over a wide area, such as around your house or yard. This type of feeding has a few benefits. First, it elongates their eating time, which is great for dogs that inhale their meals. It also provides mental stimulation and engages their ability to focus.

Brain training!

Making your dog use their brain to find their food is vitally important for good behaviour and addresses instinctual needs. The "find it game", a snuffle mat or a Kong type toy can all help your dog make use of their natural instincts. Brain training helps to get rid of excess mental energy, boredom or frustration. It’s also perfect for dogs that can’t get out for physical exercise if they’re old or invalid. Just make sure to supervise your dog with any puzzle toy or activity feeder. In case they chew or swallow parts they shouldn’t.

When it comes to how often and how much you should feed your dog, consider their age, breed, weight and energy level. And if you are keeping them mentally stimulated with food-related games and toys, ensure to factor that into your calculations.

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